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If this then that

At the ATANET conference a few people asked me if I had any new apps or cloud based wizardry to share. Somehow this caused my mind to go blank and I couldn’t think of anything. To keep my reputation as … Continue reading

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O Blio, Blio, wherefore art thou Blio?

After the disapointment of the Kindle app not having the text to speech function that the actual device has Blio looked to be a promising ray of light. Blio is from the same company that produce the Kurzweil range and … Continue reading

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Can you feel a pulse?

Quick post as it’s gone 5 and time to go home. Just got the Pulse News Reader app for iPad. Looks really nice. Novel way of displaying your RSS feeds. Limit of 20. But then maybe that’s a good thing. … Continue reading

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Preparing a last minute presentation

Not a huge mindmapper but I do like the functionality if you’ve been putting a piece of written work off or you need to focus and get something done right away. Continue reading

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