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If this then that

At the ATANET conference a few people asked me if I had any new apps or cloud based wizardry to share. Somehow this caused my mind to go blank and I couldn’t think of anything. To keep my reputation as … Continue reading

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New toys

It’s been a few hours now since I’ve got my hands on the iPad and Toshiba AT200. Both very easy to set up by synching the iPad with my old iPad profile and the Toshiba with my Google account. No … Continue reading

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My essential Android apps or everyone loves a list

Slightly obsessive compulsive but this is a list of my essential Android apps on my HTC desire. If you think I’ve missed one then let me know. Comment or tweet me at @technomob. BBC iPlayer:nuff said. now I’m through … Continue reading

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Phones, phones everywhere. Nor any time to think.

Too complicated Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, has said that mobile phones have become too complicated. Now I can see why an 80 year old might not want a spreadsheet facility or a time tracking app but … Continue reading

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