If this then that

At the ATANET conference a few people asked me if I had any new apps or cloud based wizardry to share. Somehow this caused my mind to go blank and I couldn’t think of anything. To keep my reputation as provider of the interesting and the not so well known I thought I’d chuck a few blog posts together to share what I’ve been using of late.

If the apocalypse is coming send me a text

The first is the web based app ‘If this then that’ at iftt.com. This is a service that allows custom reactions (an email to be sent, an sms to be sent etc.) to be triggered by events (an RSS/Blog feed gets updated, a new free book is added to Amazon etc.) . So if you want your favourite tweets to be saved in Readability or Evernote then no problem. Or you want to be notified by email or sms when your Apple shares hit $650 that’s no problem either.

Showing 'recipes' on the iftt website e.g. text me the weather every morning, log tweets to a dropbox fileAfter registering you can add your email or mobile phone number. Then decide what you want to trigger your notification. Set up a ‘recipe’ and wait for your triggers to fire.

My ‘recipes’ are:

  1. If I tag a flickr picture with ‘Facebook’ it uploads the picture to my Facebook wall.
  2. When a new post appears on iPhone download blog at http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com send the post to me by email (I’m too lazy to use RSS feed readers!).
  3. For neutrality’s sake if a new post appears on the Android authority blog at http://www.androidauthority.com/index.php/feed/ send me an email (for all dat rootin’ an’ tootin’. Titter).

If cat does whoopsie email Betty ‘Ohhh’

WeMo switch plugged in to normal plug socketIf you want to control your house remotely¬†(and who doesn’t?) check out Belkin’s WeMo. Basically this is a plug that can be controlled by a phone app so you can turn the kettle on before you get home. It also can be controlled by iftt.com so that you can get it to turn your hall lights on when the sun goes down.


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Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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