New toys

It’s been a few hours now since I’ve got my hands on the iPad and Toshiba AT200. Both very easy to set up by synching the iPad with my old iPad profile and the Toshiba with my Google account.
No real gripes but the iPad basically restored from the cloud which took ages. Perhaps should have just set up as a new one. Typing this up on the iPad using the WordPress app as this was all set up from my old profile already. Using the split keyboard. It’s ok but it does overlap the text in landscape which is a bit annoying.
I still find the Android operating system a little counter intuitive. Maybe it’s because the iOS is much more rigid there is only one way of doing things whereas with Android there’s a few ways to reach the same result but this means that sometimes I hover uncertainly.
With the Android tablet the default keyboard was Swype which’ll come back to but it made a hideous ticking noise when touching the keys. Couldn’t turn it off even when muting the sound. That’s pretty annoying. Also no HTML emails in Touchdown email and calendar app using Exchange ActiveSync.




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Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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  1. Insightful. Thanks for sharing.

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