Beta Beta Beta – the Geek Fraternity

I think you can actually get shot, burnt at the stake or imprisoned for life for even daring to mention Apple, Beta and iOS in the public domain. So I’ll try and not mention anything that’s not already mentioned here – New features that go further.

OK so basically I installed iOS 5 gold master – the final Beta version. And yes I do have a full paid up developer account. Nothing is easy. Can’t blame Apple for that. Anything that smells even slightly Geek has an air of the Command Line Interface hovering around in the background. Tap tap tap oh look at me and how clever I am. Oooohhh don’t you know how to do that. Tap tap tap I do. But I’m not going to tell you.

So downloaded iTunes 10.5 7 beta for Windows. Downloaded iOS5 DMG file. Whatever that is. Took 2 hours. I wasn’t popular as Vari watched the swirly thing go round on ‘my’ iPad trying to watch iPlayer and the download nicking all the bandwidth. Installed iTunes no problem. Didn’t even bother un-installing the previous version. Live life to the edge why don’t you. Think different huh? Then it’s a case of trying to enter the magic circle. Press and hold the Option key while clicking restore in iTunes and chanting don’t talk about the beta in public. THERE IS NO OPTION KEY ON A WINDOWS KEYBOARD. OK did you hear that. THERE IS NO OPTION KEY. That’s on a Mac keyboard so don’t tell Windows users on the forums to do that. The shift key will do it. But you need to put your right little finger in your left ear while doing it ok?

So start iTunes, plug in the iPhone, hold down the shift key, click restore and then browse to the file. Hold on a minute. It’s not picking up the DMG file. OK how to unpack a DMG file and extract the IPSW file? Just double click it right? THIS ONLY WORKS ON A MAC? OK? ONLY ON A MAC. So don’t tell me in the forums to double click it. Download 7zip and extract it. And then another important step that is often missed is that you have to further extract another file 2 dot something or other, wave magic wand, chant don’t mention the beta. Then do the shift and finger in ear. Then install on iPhone and with a beating heart wait for the reboot and hey presto! It’s only gone and worked. I’m there. I’ve joined the club. I’m in. I’m a frat boy. I’M A GEEK.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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3 Responses to Beta Beta Beta – the Geek Fraternity

  1. Annonymous says:

    Discussion of non-release software is forbidden in the free developer forums.

  2. All right all right calm down. Surely I didn’t mention anything that could get me shot or burnt at the stake?

  3. Annonymous says:

    But using the words beta and iOS 5 in a post publicly is still not a good idea. You bad bad boy. And to use Windows. Well…..

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