My essential Android apps or everyone loves a list

Slightly obsessive compulsive but this is a list of my essential Android apps on my HTC desire. If you think I’ve missed one then let me know. Comment or tweet me at @technomob.

BBC iPlayer:nuff said. now I’m through to the second round of the tournament. Excellent for correspondence style games. Come on then if you think you’re hard enough. Kiss me pawns, kiss me pawns.

Docs: classic from Google. Cloud docs with OCR facility for photographs of text.

Dropbox: cloud sharing multiple format files with seamless synching over different devices. Facility to share folders with colleagues and friends.

Evernote: cloud sharing app for notes, photos, and PDF. All searchable. Give your brain a rest and save everything into this repository.

Facebook: does what it says.

File manager: view all files and folders on your phone and SD card. Send, copy, delete, move, Bluetooth and rename.

Flex t9: very flexible input app. Voice recognition and an excellent keyboard which allows you to slide your finger over the keyboard to write. Takes some getting used to but spookily accurate.

Flickr free: Flickr pic uploaded.

Gmail: Google mail!

Goggles: search by taking and submitting a pic. Uncanny.

Got to do: ok to do app that syncs with Toodledo.

Latitude: your very own personal stalker. Hasn’t really caught on yet but this forever running in the background app logs the distance you travel and other geek stats when you log in to the PC version.

LiveJournal: simple but rather limited blog client for LiveJournal.

LjBeetle: slightly more sophisticated version of the above.

Mashable: tech news feeder.

Melon: curiously named note app.

My Tracks: superb tracking app for all your geeky stats of walking the dog or going for a jog. Distance, speed etc.

Posterous: blog, share and post to closed groups or the world.

Pulse: news item rss feeder grabber thing.

ROM manager: what every good rooted phone needs to keep up to date with ROMs to flash and other hardcore phone cracking functions like partitioning your SD card. READ UP BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THIS!

Root Explorer: explore all your files, change permissions and move stuff around.

S2E: free up space by moving apps, data and cache to your SD card partition. I had a problem downloading a Google map update and turning on the download cache fixed this.

Skype: good Skype app for Android.

SoundCloud: cloud based file sharer for music lovers and creators round the world.

Spare Parts: Battery info and hacks to change animation speed for example.

Superuser: Give apps root access. If you don’t know what this means you aint no superuser!

Terminal Emulator: Hell even I don’t know what this does. Pretend your phone is a command prompt and speak to it in a weird way.

Text to Speech (wireshock developers) and Text to Speech (doesn’t even have an about button!): Gives you text to speech. That doesn’t mean voice recognition ok?! Your phone reads text back to you. Limited but functional programs. Text to speech and NOTHING else.

Thinking Space: Mind mapper that syncs nicely to MindMeister.

Titanium Backup: One of the best backup apps that allows you to save your apps and their data so you can flash that new ROM update and return to your previous state without too much disconnection or change anxiety.

TouchDown: email, tasks, calendar app. Syncs with exchange. Has some nice widgets. Allows you to actually move emails to folders. Is it a dirty secret that I want to do that? It’s also £12. Has an excellent demo version that lets you try for 30 days.

Tune Wiki: sing along to your songs as the lyrics come up with this music app.

TweetCaster: nice twitter app for Android.

WordPress: pretty nice WordPress blog app.

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Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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