You’ve got to call him ‘Bruce’

Free Scottish Voice

The Scottish computer voice, Heather, is free to all schools and colleges. On the 7th March The Scottish Voice announced that they had secured funding from the Scottish Government to develop a brother for Heather. This funding also covers a licence for “school-age pupils, further and higher education students, workers in the public sector, and NHS patients.”. This really is fantastic news.

You’ve got to call him ‘Bruce’

To feed my ego and bring me fame at last I’m starting a campaign to have this new voice called Bruce. What better name could there be? You can suggest a name by emailing the CALL centre. Don’t worry though he wont sound like me. They are getting a Scottish actor to play the part of the brother of Heather.

Please visit the Scottish Voice website to read the whole story and the site is well worth an explore as well. You can download the free Heather voice if you are eligible or buy it for £25.

Scottish Voice

Download the free Heather voice

Buy the Heather voice


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Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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2 Responses to You’ve got to call him ‘Bruce’

  1. Chris says:

    Bruce? You’re having a laugh? Why would we want an Aussie name???

    Surely Rab, or Shug would be better???

  2. OK so Bruce was more common as a surname in the 14th century but now I think it needs to be reclaimed. There are no people in Australia called Bruce – it’s a myth. I blame Monty Python. As a compromise I would accept Rab the Bruce.

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