Phones, phones everywhere. Nor any time to think.

Too complicated

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, has said that mobile phones have become too complicated. Now I can see why an 80 year old might not want a spreadsheet facility or a time tracking app but surely everyone needs a bit of Angry Birds?

News sources:
The Telegraph

New phone

I’ve just bought an Android phone. To go with my iPhone. Is this too much? Do I need two phones, can I justify two phones? Probably not but then I do need to know what’s going on and one operating system is really only half the story. (Plus I’m jealous of Andy and Murray cos they both got two phones!)

Alone Together. Sob!

I actually believe that doing some things on a mobile phone is better than on a computer. Reading email is one of them, although not necessarily replying. Planning is good too. And because of the fact that you are not continuously tap tap tapping on your keyboard it actually gives you a bit of time to think. Also it blocks out the great unwashed on public transport and I’m sorry if Facebook and Twitter are making us more isolated but I don’t want to, and have never wanted to, talk to complete strangers on the bus at 7:42 on a Monday morning. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. I’ll be ‘Alone Together‘ if I wanna be.

I went for the HTC desire in the end if anyone is interested. Good choice do you think?

The boot is on both feet

Apparently you can now dual-boot Windows Phone 7 and Android operating systems on an HTC Desire HD. Sounds a bit complicated but I’d of been doing that if I’d got the HD. The alternative is 3 phones and only Stephen Fry has got more than 3 phones.

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Flattery get’s you everywhere

If anyone wants to Flattr me for this blog just slip me a tenner or buy me a Windows 7 phone. I don’t want no micropayment. I want something BIG.


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