What’s the Trunk?

If you’ve not checked out Evernote yet here’s a few more reasons to add it to your PC, Mac, phone, netbook…

The Trunk is Evernotes way of spreading the word about 3rd party services that integrate with Evernote in a useful or interesting way. For example Livescribe pens can now share notes straight into your Evernote account. The latest update of the Livescribe software now has this facility built right in.

There is also Voice2Note by Dial2Do which can covert your Evernote voice memos to nice searchable taggable text so you can find your reminders to feed the cat or order your kippers from Craster.

There is also the My Modern Metropolis shared notebook. If you add this to your account you can find out about the One Dead Tree project where an artist has taken pictures of the same tree for over 5 years. If you like your art or photography this ones for you.

And don’t forget AudioMark. It’s an iPhone/iPad app that allows you to make notes or mark important points whilst listening to a recording of a lecture. Saves it straight into your Evernote account with all the track information and the time in the track that you made the note.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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