Sorry I’m late there’s a bug in my iPhone

With the clocks going back an hour it was interesting to see which gadgets scattered through our lives can actually handle this change even if our body clocks can’t.

The new boiler timer we have managed it just fine. But the new car couldn’t. My PC, laptop, iPad and iPhone all moved back an hour seamlessly. Imagine my smug satisfaction when I caught Mhairi grinding her teeth stabbing at her phone desperately trying to change the time. Mine’s done it automatically I told her smugly. You can drop yours from a multi-storey or submerge it in a raging torrent but it can’t adjust it’s own clock I chuckled. And then alarm bells started to ring. Or rather they didn’t. You see there is a bug in the iPhone OS when you set an alarm to go off ‘weekday only’. You know, the only important alarm that you need? The one that gets you to work on time? No that one was silent. That one couldn’t cope with our wacky daylight saving ideas and decided to go off an hour later when I was sitting on the bus rolling into work late. So while we depend on our technology more and more we still need a poke in the ribs now and again from a real human with a big grin on their face telling you that your £500 alarm refused to wake you up this morning.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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