Things I learned this week.

Audio Notetaker the “software package which enables you to make better notes through working with audio” can cope with the index bookmarks you can add to tracks as you record them on your digital recorder so when you import the audio it automatically puts the breaks in so you could immediately sync this with the lecturer’s Powerpoint slides.

Jorno is producing a rather nice Bluetooth keyboard that will work with a variety of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Wont be shipping to the UK just yet but hopefully will be coming soon. If anyone is planning a trip to the US next year please let me know and I’ll get you to bring me one back.

Notescraper is a bit of free software to pull your notes and highlights in from your Kindle account. Really great idea. Only problem is that it is Mac only! Actually there is another problem as it started off a rant in my head about electronic copies of texts for students. This would be really useful for them IF they could get copies of the texts they need. Damn and blast sodding copyright and all the publishers who sail in it.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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3 Responses to Things I learned this week.

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  2. Tim Wilson says:

    Bruce, thanks for the mention. Sorry about the Mac only bit. I wrote NoteScraper in AppleScript because it was the easiest way to glue Safari and Evernote together. If I can figure out another approach that is within my programming skills, I’ll certainly work at making it cross-platform.

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