Damn and blast sodding copyright laws and all the publishers who sail in them.

Rant warning – please ignore. Move along. There’s nothing of interest here.

How difficult is it to get hold of electronic versions of books? I can offer a solution. Create an electronic copy of all the books that are currently on sale. If you really want to go to town protect them with an electronic key that stops people distributing them – perhaps we could call this Digital Rights Management or DRM for short. Make some e-book (this could be our new term for electronic books) readers. Could call it the Kindle if you like – bit random I know but I’m pretty sure it’d catch on. Sell these e-books just like you do paper books. What do you think? Could it work? The alternative is that everytime someone needs an electronic version you scan the whole book in taking a million hours. If another person needs this book why not scan the book in again. That sounds like a good solution.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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