Canon P-150 or pass me the scalpel the librarian’s not looking.

Everyone knows I’m a big Evernote fan and here’s something I discovered on the Evernote podcast recently. The Canon P-150. It’s an ultra portable compact scanner that, wait for it, can scan both sides of the paper at the same time. 15 pages a minute is pretty fast and with a 20 page automatic document feeder thrown in to the mix it’s already a lot better than some of the monsters we have sitting on our desks right now. It’s USB powered, so no messy plug to step on, and it can shoot the scanned pages straight into Evernote ready for you to sync when you’ve got a connection for super easy multi platform sharing. Ok so it can’t scan books which is a major problem for students – pass me the scalpel the librarian’s not looking. And just mentioning the word ‘student’ has cracked the case, glued the button down with a dust, hair, cigarette ash combo and jammed the paper feed. I still want one though.

You tube video of the Canon P-150


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Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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