Intel Reader is now available

Just got a phone call from someone at Keytools to let me know that the Intel Reader is now available. First caught sight of this last year on the BBC and looks a pretty interesting development. It’s a high resolution camera that allows a user to take a picture of text in a book, converts it to digital text and then reads it back. It also works as an MP3 and DAISY format player. The downside? It’s £1000. I want one though so will be looking for sources of funding in the coming weeks.

It also comes with the Portable Capture Station which is a holder for the Reader to make it easier to scan larger volumes of text and save it to a PC using a USB connection. This comes as part of the package and with it’s own briefcase which is all very ‘Boys own’! UPDATE – This is, in fact, an optional extra and the full package is £1295 + VAT. It can also be connected to a Braille display.


About assistivetechno

Bruce Darby - Assistive Technology Advisor at the University of Edinburgh
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