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Canon P-150 or pass me the scalpel the librarian’s not looking.

Everyone knows I’m a big Evernote fan and here’s something I discovered on the Evernote podcast recently. The Canon P-150. It’s an ultra portable compact scanner that, wait for it, can scan both sides of the paper at the same … Continue reading

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Intel Reader is now available

Just got a phone call from someone at Keytools to let me know that the Intel Reader is now available. First caught sight of this last year on the BBC and looks a pretty interesting development. It’s a high resolution … Continue reading

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Sticky notes and the searchable cluttered desk

The short bit Evernote is like a searchable cluttered desk. The Evernote Podcast is a work of comic genius. Evernote have embraced the multi platform ethos with both arms. Everything in Evernote is searchable including the text in pictures and … Continue reading

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Want to be netted?

There is a really great daily email newsletter service called Netted put together by the Webby’s team. You can sign up for it at It’s almost always worth a quick read. In the past few weeks there have been … Continue reading

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The next one will be significantly lighter.

There, that’s my prediction. The next iPad or iPad killer will be significantly lighter. You can read about Rupert Murdoch’s prediction and other tablet devices that are coming on the Guardian Tech website. But as for the rest of life’s … Continue reading

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O Blio, Blio, wherefore art thou Blio?

After the disapointment of the Kindle app not having the text to speech function that the actual device has Blio looked to be a promising ray of light. Blio is from the same company that produce the Kurzweil range and … Continue reading

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Sent from my carrier pigeon

Fed up with sarky comments from your colleagues and mates when you send them an email from your phone or iPad? You know the little strap line at the bottom of your email that says ‘sent from my iPhone’. Well … Continue reading

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